Locodol – Vocal Album – Nagarekawa Girls

By |September 23rd, 2014|

Locodol – Vocal Album
Artist: Nagarekawa Girls



Locodol – OP – Mirai Fanfare — ED – Mirai Shojo Tachi – Nagarekawa Girls

By |August 7th, 2014|

LocodolOP – Mirai Fanfare [ ミライファンファーレ ]ED – Mirai Shojo Tachi[ 未来少女たち ]Artist: Nagarekawa Girls[MP3/320kbs]Download Album: [Mir.cr] || [EU] || [Direct]Tracklist:01. Mirai Fanfare [Direct]02. Mirai Shojo Tachi [Direct]03.Mirai Fanfare (Original Karaoke)04. Mirai Shojo Tachi (Original Karaoke)*EU & Mir.cr File sharing List**MF=Mediafire*Notes: Free to ShareLeave Credit Forunesia.com Please if you share itPlease, no advertise link if you share it again.Thank you.Project Code: Project_Funime_MP3!—————————————————–~ Fun to be Forunesia ~