AKINO with bless4 – 2nd Album
Artist: AKINO

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01. Paradoxical ZOO [Akino with bless4]
02. Eve no Danpen [Akino from bless4]
03. Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai ni Shou [Akino with bless4]
04. Gekkou Symphonia [Akino & Aiki from bless4]
05. ZERO ゼロ [Akino from bless4]
06. Genesis of LOVE~Ai no Kigen [Akino with bless4]
07. Extra Magic Hours [Akino with bless4]
08. Jet Coaster Ride [Akino with bless4]
09. Miiro [Akino from bless4]
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10. The Ghost of You [Akino with bless4]
11. Yuki no You ni [Akino with bless4]
12. Let’s Fly [Akino with bless4]
13. EXTRA MAGIC HOUR [International Edition] [Akino with bless4]
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