ED & Character Song Collection 01 – WE ARE ONE!

Artist: Vividred Operation
-Murakawa Rie [ Futaba Aoi]
-Sakura Ayane [Isshiki Akane]


01 – WE ARE ONE!

02 – Friend of mine
03 – Nandemo Chanto
04 – WE ARE ONE! (TV size)
05 – WE ARE ONE! (Instrumental)
06 – Friend of mine (Instrumental)
07 – Nandemo Chanto (Instrumental)

Download Album: [Funload] || [MF]
(Size: 52 MB)

Download Single Songs:
WE ARE ONE! [Akane+Aoi]: [Funload]

Friend of mine [Akane]: [Funload]
Nandemo Chanto [Aoi]: [Funload]
SCANS: [Funload]

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